My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

With the major life lesson of a year that was 2016 having come to a close, I bid it goodbye with contentment. Though I am appreciative of the hurdles that have come my way in the last year, I am all the more eager for the fresh start that this January 1st brings. That said, I penned a small list of things to accomplish in this new year, in hopes that written evidence will hold me accountable for the promise which I made to myself on the eve of 2017 – that is, to grow.

  • Like everyone else, I am, of course, ringing in the new year with the same hope that this is the year my health and fitness goals will finally be met.

I spent a lot of 2016 working out and eating well. But unfortunately in the last few months, life took me by storm and threw me far, far away from my fitness goals – leaving me feeling lost and sorry for myself. But the light of 2017 has inspired me to put my neon pink trainers on and get back up on my feet.

This goal is particularly important to me because I know that my mental health is extremely sensitivity to my physical health. And surely a bad state of mind isn’t going to get me anywhere near “a great 2017,” right?

  • What good is having a sharp mind if it doesn’t contain anything worthwhile?

In 2017, I want to read more books & watch more films. I want to read about the Romantics and I want to watch documentaries about wildlife; I want to laugh endlessly at ridiculous cable TV and I want to feel heartache from books about the Holocaust. I am curious about the world – explored and unexplored, and I want desperately to become acquainted with it.

  • There is no doubt that you learn boundlessly from reading, but the emotions that come with experiencing those words in real life is just next level in this game of Life.

I’m going to travel. I’m going to enrich myself with culture and tradition from all corners of the world; I’m going to meet people who I will come to love… and hate, but I will appreciate them all the same. I want to hike the mountains of rural lands and I want to befriend the people who inhabit those mountains. I am ready to move on to new earth, and there is no one or nothing that can stop me from taking flight.

  • Last but no way the least, I expect the new year to teach me love and respect for the friends and family I already have.

In the midst of the internal storm that swept me off my feet, I deliriously pushed everyone who loved me away; denied their comfort and fell absent when they called for a shoulder to cry on. In trying to find myself, I found solitude; though the lonely kind that came with horrific darkness. I hope that people will forgive me for my late shortcomings and understand that I will get better at being present. However, more so, I hope that they will accept me for who I am because the different person that is me today will no longer conform to the social expectations that suppressed my happiness and beliefs.

Cheers to 2017. *clink*


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