High On Life

A feeling I cannot verbalise though here, now, I try.


Money can’t buy you this happiness, for such joy never coincides with short term comforts. Not disingenuous kind words nor sentimental presents.

This kind of happiness… It forces your hands, out of your control, to shake in pure excitement; your entire being to fill with a lightness that tingles through your limbs.

This kind of happiness… It blankets any worries or concerns you’ve ever had. It elevates you into a new dimension where your head can kiss the clouds even though both feet are indebted to the ground.

You feel undeservingly loved and consequently exude the same.

Doesn’t matter if it’s an idea, an event, or a person that granted you such a high, the euphoria is so intense it fogs your ability to distinguish the cause of it.

You end up feeling gratitude for all.

All at once. Altogether.

I am reminded of why I didn’t forgo my life in those two years of desperation.



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